Computers In The Community

This site is related to where I support teach IT subjects in the local community of Worsley and the surrounding areas.
Whilst there are many courses available in the area you should contact individual colleges and libraries for more information.



There are several locations in the Walkden area where I support teach the Basic Computers Skills Course.


Find the locations where I support teach the Advanced Computer Skills Course in the local area.


At the moment I support teach on the Basic and Advanced Web Design Course in Ecless.

Interested in learning IT?

Oh in the good old days. The blackboard, a piece of chalk and an eraser, those were the days.

Then some bright spark decided that teachers were spending far to much time teaching and not enough doing admin.

Here you go have a book, go sit down and work through it and call me if you get stuck. What!

I have worked in IT for over 20 years and have never moved away from interactive teaching methods. If I give you a book it is so I can work through it with you.

I believe in not only telling you but showing you how it is so you learn by example.

Where I Teach in the Community

These are some of the places and courses that I volunteer teach at.

Monday: 9AM - 12PM - Walkden Gateway Library - Basic Computer Skills. More Detail
Monday 1:30PM - 3PM - Little Hulton Library - Computer Job Club. More Detail
Tuesday 12:30 - 2PM - Little Hulton Library - Advanced Computer Skills. More Detail
Tuesday 2pm - 4PM - Little Hulton Library - Basic Computer Skills
Friday 12PM - 3PM - Little Hulton Skills Centre - MicroSoft Office Skills
Saturday 12:30PM Eccles Skills Exchange - Basic HTML Web Pages Course. More Detail

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