Frequently Asked Questions

What has happened to the radio stations?

Given the finacial difficulties of running free services and stations online several stations have been closed. You may wish to try one of the stations listed below...

The following stations are still broadcasting...
Worsley Radio
Arzuk Radio
Jive Time Radio
Country Road Radio

Join Our Coffee Club

Learning in the community and classroom environments is great but sometimes there maybe questions you have that are outside of the scope of the class remit.

With this in mind and to create a more social feel we have decided to start a Computer Coffee Club.

Working with local small businesses the aim is to hold regular meetings of learners so they can bring in their tablets or laptops and gain some extra experience to help enhance their computer skills and knowledge.

Our first meeting is being held in Walkden at the Hugs in a Mug Cafe. Free Wi-Fi is being provided

** Please note this is not in connection with any learning or courses being held or run by Corinth-Training, the local Council or Colleges.

I have an idea for a web site but I'm not a techy. Can you help me?

Yes in most cases I can. If I can't then I probably know a man who can and would be happy to pass you details. Simple advice is always free and I'm more than happy to skype with you to talk about things if that is easier for you. I also offer teamviewer tutorials whereby I can physically show you how to do something, all I ask is that if I have helped you then make a monetary donation towards my time.

I would like to open a radio station but have no idea where to start with everything or what I might need. What can you do for me?

First things first here. I am not here to try and sell you something just for the sake of selling something. I started in free radio and if I can point you to something that is free to use I will. There are times when you might have to purchase things but I will always point you to the best deals and prices even if it is not provided by me.

Can I contact you by phone?
No! Why pay for phone calls when skype and email is free. I also have Facebook points of contact. A phone line would cost money which would have to passed on to you which is not what I am about.

Local Promotion

Printing and Media
Manchester Company
The Sharp Project

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Online Help

We now have our live support working.

A total redesign of the site is under way from the old site. We decided the old one was to much and people found it difficult to find some things. The new design will be we hope easier on the eyes and make for easier reading with short but to the point wording.

If you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to contact us at